Re: Two IP Address HELP!

Ken Lyon (
Thu, 3 Apr 1997 04:23:48 -0500

Sound like a job for WinGate


> From: Yazz D. Atlas <>
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> Subject: Re: Two IP Address HELP!
> Date: Wednesday, April 02, 1997 12:32 AM
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> >On Mon, 31 Mar 1997, Yazz D. Atlas wrote:
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> > You make it sound like you have both addresses active at the same
> > on your system, but you don't mention your hardware type. I have yet
> > to see a PC or Mac implementation that permits a system to hold two
> > addresses at the same time ... so I'm guessing you have a config prob
> > and need to switch IP addresses to make this work.
> >
> > andrew. (
> System: (forgot to add this to the last post sorry)
> Win 95
> 166 Pentium MMX
> 48 RAM
> 4 gig
> 36.6 Voice/Fax
> 3Com EtherLink XL combo card
> Cornell Cu-SeeMe 0.90b1
> and
> White Pines Enhanced Cu-SeeMe 2.1.1x Demo
> (both version have problems connecting to Cornell Reflectors but the
> White Pines seems to connect to other White Pine Reflectors
> Ok here is the deal with the two IP address, I'm running Win95 on a
> TCP/IP network using an ethernet card and the IP This is
> I can mount files off my Linux machine running Samba (software to make a
> Unix machine appear as a Win NT file server). This IP is just for
> around my local network that I created. Telneting to the Linux server
> such.
> When I want to get to the Internet I use Win95 dial-up networking. My
> then provides me with a Dynamic IP something in the range of
> I can see my local network and the Internet at the
> sametime when everything is connected. If I run winipcfg.exe it shows me
> info for both my dial-up and my ethernet card. Each under there own
> (dial-up or Ethernet Card).
> It like having two ethernet cards in one machine each with different
> It almost acts as a poor mans firewall. Using other software I can
> to the Internet from the Linux box through the ethernet card then out the
> modem. Using Proxy address and connecting to special port numbers.
> Cu-SeeMe wants to grab the ethernet cards IP address and sends it with
> Dynamic IP address. I setup a reflector on a machine I have access to
> what the error was and this is all the logs would show.
> Client at source 207.159.81.XXX is opening a connection
> Client's network address does not agree with protocol address
> If I disable my local IP on my ethernet card I can connect fine but thats
> no good since I store some of my important files on the network server.
> need to beable to use my local network at all times. Its not worth the
> pain to reconfigure my network and reboot the whole system just to use
> peice of software. There has to be a better way.
> I wish there was away to pass this info on to the people who wrote the
> software, for example Steve Edgar (mentioned it the About Cu-SeeMe
> Info). There are other bugs with the software but this one is driving me
> nuts.
> TIA,
> Yazz D. Atlas