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Thu, 03 Apr 1997 08:00:37 -0500

>On Wed, 2 Apr 1997, Skip wrote:
>> I came across something in Win95 yesterday that I hadn't seen before.
>> Windows95 can compress your hard drive thus increasing space available.
>> It can add about 1.1G to my 1.2G hard drive. I have never heard of this
>> before. What would be the effect on system performance in general and CU
>> in particular? I have a 486/50 with 16 megs of RAM.
> I hope it works better than Disk Doubler that MS had with DOS 6.0.=20
> I lost everything with that.
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The disk doubler in Win95 is called DrvSpace. There is DrvSpace2, which
comes standard with Win95, and DrvSpace3 which is included with the Win95
Plus CD ($49.95). Reviewers' comments regarding DrvSpace2 caused me to shy
away from it. However, reviewers' comments regarding DrvSpace3 were
consistantly favorable, and so I went for it (had to get the Plus CD anyway
because I needed DUN scripting at the time, also available only wiht Plus).

I have DrvSpace3 installed on 3 out of 4 HDs on two machines, and for the
most part have been very satisified with it. Both machines are 486/66s. The
performance/compression ratio is tweakable by the user so they can get the
ratio that best fits their needs. One note, DrvSpace3 will handle a maxium
of 800 mb partitions, so a 1.6 g drive has to be divided into two partions
in order to achieve maximum compression.

BTW a plus to Plus (no pun meant) is the intelligent system agent which can
be set to automatically handle your maintenance chores (scandisk, defrag and
recompression) automatically at off times and at the intervals you select.
For example, I run ScanDisk at 4 AM every day, and Defrag and Recompress
once per week. =20

Hope this helps.

Kent Starr
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