Brad Klein (
Thu, 3 Apr 1997 09:14:16 -0800 (PST)

How about an Apple Quicktime Conferncing 100 Cam with a 6500/225? I can
make it work with Apple conferencing software but not with CU or WP.

The connectix cams work with CU and WP (via the modem port), but as soon
as I switch to the Apple cam, via the video card port, I get nothing
using CU/WP. I installed the software that came with the cam,
and fiddled with the preferences and settings, but ????

Is it something to do with the CU/WP software and the Apple Video System
card? Or just a camera bug?

Brad Klein
VolcanoWorld Online Education
Educational Service District 112, Vancouver, WA

On Wed, 2 Apr 1997, Vandevort, Ed wrote:
> No !
> The Diamond Stealth uses "OVERLAY"
> and it just does NOT work !!
> Sorry.
> Ed Vandevort
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> From: Morten Kittelsen
> Subject: cuseeme win95 /tv-card
> Date: Wednesday, April 02, 1997 3:23PM
> HI;
> Does anyone know if I can use a Diamond multimedia tv-card as my video
> capture card(with a camera attached ofcourse) in use with cuseeme 2.1.1
> MK