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John Ingham (
Fri, 4 Apr 1997 17:21:42 +0930

Brad Klein asked...

>How about an Apple Quicktime Conferncing 100 Cam with a 6500/225? I

>make it work with Apple conferencing software but not with CU or WP.


>The connectix cams work with CU and WP (via the modem port), but as

>as I switch to the Apple cam, via the video card port, I get nothing

>using CU/WP.=20

I have found the reference to which I refered in my previous post. In
the documentation which comes with the White Pine EnhCU-SeeMe software
is the following quote...

* <bold>Millions of Colors </bold>

Millions of colors does not work on Macintosh AV systems. This setting
is shown in the Monitors or Sound and Displays Control Panels.=20


* <bold>PowerMacintosh=AE 7500/8500=20

</bold>On the PowerMacintosh 7500/8500, the video digitizer doesn't
work if

virtual memory is on (Enhanced CU-SeeMe needs to capture to an off

buffer). Turn off virtual memory for this to work correctly. On 8500,
unexpected results may occur when running the PPC or Fat Build when
Virtual Memory is turned on.


OK, a 6500 is not a 7500 or 8500 but what is sauce for the Goose is
often sauce for the Gander too! I hope these tips help.

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