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Yazz D. Atlas (
Fri, 04 Apr 1997 06:24:29 -0500

Wingate should not make any difference. The machine running Wingate would
also be the machine dialing in and making the connection. I don't really
care about having the other machines on MY local network being able to see
the Internet via Wingate. Which is what from I can tell all that Wingate
really does is set up a proxy system to allow defined port pass data from an
internal network to the Internet through the machine running Wingate. I've
used Wingate in the past and see no reason for it to correct such a problem.

Its a matter of telling Cu-SeeMe to use the Dynamic IP over my Static IP
somewhere in the TCP/IP stack being sent out to the reflector I belive. I
don't think any simple fix is out there. I could be wrong.

The people who created Cornell 0.90b1 and White Pines 2.1.1x might want to
see if they can reproduce my error mesg. I would love to use this program
but can not see investing in something that does not work correctly.

I know the Cu-SeeMe software works since I setup a reflector on my local
network and viewed the logs. It worked fine and used the right IP
( my local Static IP). I was also connected to the Internet at
the same time and could not connect to an outside reflector. It sent out the
Dynamic IP but seemed to be looking for the Static IP on the trip back from
the reflector.
[cut from reflect.log]
Client at source 207.159.81.XXX is opening a connection
Client's network address does not agree with protocol address

Its grabing my Static IP somewhere from within the UDP packet.

No other programs I have seem to have any problems dealing with the Dynamic
IP and the Static IP setup I have. I can telnet into my local network just
a well as telneting to a remote site. I don't know of any programs the use
UDP off the top of my head but if you do I would love to see if they can
deal with the setup I have.

--Yazz Atlas

>Maybe, but i'm not 100% sure that Wingate will handle UDP traffic, which I
>think CU-SeeMe needs...
>- Steven Bolbot
>>Sound like a job for WinGate
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>>> Date: Wednesday, April 02, 1997 12:32 AM
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>>> > You make it sound like you have both addresses active at the same
>>> > on your system, but you don't mention your hardware type. I have yet
>>> > to see a PC or Mac implementation that permits a system to hold two
>>> > addresses at the same time ... so I'm guessing you have a config prob
>>> > and need to switch IP addresses to make this work.
>>> >
>>> > andrew. (
>>> System: (forgot to add this to the last post sorry)
>>> Win 95
>>> 166 Pentium MMX
>>> 48 RAM
>>> 4 gig
>>> 36.6 Voice/Fax
>>> 3Com EtherLink XL combo card
>>> Cornell Cu-SeeMe 0.90b1
>>> and
>>> White Pines Enhanced Cu-SeeMe 2.1.1x Demo
>>> (both version have problems connecting to Cornell Reflectors but the
>>> White Pines seems to connect to other White Pine Reflectors
>>> Ok here is the deal with the two IP address, I'm running Win95 on a
>>> TCP/IP network using an ethernet card and the IP This is
>>> I can mount files off my Linux machine running Samba (software to make a
>>> Unix machine appear as a Win NT file server). This IP is just for
>>> around my local network that I created. Telneting to the Linux server
>>> such.
>>> When I want to get to the Internet I use Win95 dial-up networking. My
>>> then provides me with a Dynamic IP something in the range of
>>> I can see my local network and the Internet at the
>>> sametime when everything is connected. If I run winipcfg.exe it shows me
>>> info for both my dial-up and my ethernet card. Each under there own
>>> (dial-up or Ethernet Card).
>>> It like having two ethernet cards in one machine each with different
>>> It almost acts as a poor mans firewall. Using other software I can
>>> to the Internet from the Linux box through the ethernet card then out the
>>> modem. Using Proxy address and connecting to special port numbers.
>>> Cu-SeeMe wants to grab the ethernet cards IP address and sends it with
>>> Dynamic IP address. I setup a reflector on a machine I have access to
>>> what the error was and this is all the logs would show.
>>> Client at source 207.159.81.XXX is opening a connection
>>> Client's network address does not agree with protocol address
>>> If I disable my local IP on my ethernet card I can connect fine but thats
>>> no good since I store some of my important files on the network server.
>>> need to beable to use my local network at all times. Its not worth the
>>> pain to reconfigure my network and reboot the whole system just to use
>>> peice of software. There has to be a better way.
>>> I wish there was away to pass this info on to the people who wrote the
>>> software, for example Steve Edgar (mentioned it the About Cu-SeeMe
>>> Info). There are other bugs with the software but this one is driving me
>>> nuts.
>>> TIA,
>>> Yazz D. Atlas
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