Re: Cams

Brad Klein (
Fri, 4 Apr 1997 08:35:23 -0800 (PST)

> >How about an Apple Quicktime Conferncing 100 Cam with a 6500/225? I can
> >make it work with Apple conferencing software but not with CU or WP.
> >
> I remember some time back reading something about a similar problem with
> the Macintosh 7500. It was in reference to Apple's Quicktime Conferencing,
> but I believe that it was also relevant to CU-SeeMe. I have lost the
> reference now, but I believe it was something to do with a problem with the
> Operating System which would be fixed in due course.
> I do remember that we had no success at the time using the boss's 7500 for
> CU-SeeMe using the built-in Apple Video board, but we haven't gotten around
> to checking it out again recently since he upgraded his OS to 7.5.5.
> If I were you I'd upgrade my OS and you may find the problem goes away. No
> promises, but let us all know how you go!

The 6500/225 is a brand new machine. The os (7.5.5) was loaded at the
factory. I never used the apple cam with my old 7100/80av so I don't know
if the problem exists on that machine. I take it, from your posting John,
that it most likely would have. But, the 7100/80av worked great with a
video cam or a connectix cam connected to it with CU. WP never did work
that great.

With the 6500, CU/WP both have problems locking onto the codec when the
apple cam is installed, and show a mostly black image, with a few
horizontal colored stripes. Anyone else use the Apple cam?

Thanks John.

Brad Klein
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