Colin Francis (
Sat, 05 Apr 1997 06:32:02 +1200

I am running vers 90b1 on a pentium 120 . I have a diamond stealth
card my captuer card is a VSP 24. This system under thec prev vers
(84b7?) worked perfectly. Under the new version it still works but the
resolution of the picture is not very good (Just passable) It will only
support 8 &16 bit RGB and the picture is very grainy. In 8 bit rgb the
pic is almost the quality of a negative and hence is unusable. Using
Iphone the picture i send is brilliant and I will be disappointed to
have to go back to vers 84b7.
Could someone tell if the new vers supports Pal as well as NTSC. and any
other thoughts on what the problem may be.
Kind regards
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