WhitePineBoard and reliability?

Rob Winters (rwinters@hq.nasa.gov)
Wed, 09 Apr 1997 18:33:32 -0400

We're trying to evaluate Enhanced CU-SeeMe as a collaboration
tool, and we're having very poor luck, to say the least.

- Enhanced CU-SeeMe just won't stay up for a number of users
in the group when connected to a reflector. The app likes
to quit unexpectedly; Win95, NT, Mac. Failures seem to
cascade at times; User1 performing some action causes User2's
app to die, etc.

For example, my 133Mhz Dell Latitude LM with 40MB memory can't
run this app for more than a few minutes, even without video,
even connected to myself and sitting idle. Tried Win95 with
all recommended patches. Tried NT 4.0 Workstation, patched.
It's kind of hard to evaluate something I can't run. The
same machine will run MBONE tools, no problem!

- WhitePineBoard just won't work for a group of, say, 8+
people. 3 or 4 people works. More and it spins forever,
people's CU-SeeMe apps start quitting underneath the 'Board,
then it's just hopeless to recover the whiteboarding

Is there a FAQ somewhere: "CU-SeeMe just plain won't work if..."?
These are pretty capable machines, lots of memory, slowest link a
T1, at least some OS'es known to be at good patchlevels, etc.

Is this a really typical situation? Is this just sort of
"hobbyist-grade" vis a vis reliability? Or have we just been
very unlucky.

Advice appreciated. I'm still working it with White Pine as well.


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