Re: WhitePineBoard and reliability?

Bill Woodland (
Wed, 09 Apr 1997 22:27:57 -0500

At 06:33 PM 4/9/97 -0400, Rob Winters wrote:
>We're trying to evaluate Enhanced CU-SeeMe as a collaboration
>tool, and we're having very poor luck, to say the least.
> - Enhanced CU-SeeMe just won't stay up for a number of users
> in the group when connected to a reflector. The app likes
> to quit unexpectedly; Win95, NT, Mac. Failures seem to
> cascade at times; User1 performing some action causes User2's
> app to die, etc.
> For example, my 133Mhz Dell Latitude LM with 40MB memory can't
> run this app for more than a few minutes, even without video,
> even connected to myself and sitting idle. Tried Win95 with
> all recommended patches. Tried NT 4.0 Workstation, patched.
> It's kind of hard to evaluate something I can't run. The
> same machine will run MBONE tools, no problem!

I don't have much of an opinion on the white pine board, since I've only
used it via 28.8 modem once or twice, but I USED TO use the White Pine
version 2.1.1 from work on my T1, and also from home on my 28.8 modem, and
would chat with people for HOURS....just ask my wife (a CU-widow :) I even
used it on a 486/DX/2-80 for several months without any MAJOR problems as
you have mentioned.

If you plan to continue to use this version, the best advice I could give
you is to be sure and document the events that led up to the crash, and
supply White Pine with this info. Also, if you get an "Illegal Operation"
error, be sure to send all of the "DETAILS" info to White Pine. Click on
the "Details" button, point your mouse at the top left of the text in the
details window, hold down your left mouse button, and drage it down so it
hilites all of the text there. Once it's all hilited, press the RIGHT mouse
button, and then choose COPY. Now RIGHT click on the desktop, choose "New",
then Text Document. Now double click on the new text document, and it
should bring up the file in Notepad. In Notepad, click on Edit, then PASTE,
and the detailed info will be pasted in. Save the file, and keep it there
on your desktop to add in future error info.

Have you tried the new Cornell 90b1 version? I now use the new Cornell
version 90b1 exclusively. Steve Edgar (the programmer at Cornell) has done
a great job with this new release. It's for windows 95/NT only, is very
stable, small code size, only one program file (the EXE file, and no
associated DLLs to be installed), supports private messages, and has
improved audio. There should be a new MAC version released by Cornell
sometime soon, also.

And, of course, the best part's ABSOLUTELY FREE!

One more word of advice...there is a utility called WPS that you can find in
the NEWS and DOWNLOAD sections of my web page that can be used to release
the camera driver after a crash. I got this from a developer's page at
Microsoft after seeing an email message from Bill Neisius about it.
Releasing the camera driver means that you won't have to restart windows to
get your video driver back. Read the info on my page, and download it.
While I was testing out the new Cornell version, it's saved me several times
from having to restart windows. I've even used it at my office to free up
some files from Groupwise, which crashes on me from time to time.

Bill Woodland (Squeek =A9)
PC questions only, please.
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