Video Freezes

Todd Kent (
Thu, 10 Apr 97 9:33:15 EDT

I'm stumped. I running CU-SeeMe .85b1 on a 7100/80 Power
Macintosh over a university t1 line, and my video starts out
fine, but as the conference progresses, the fps rate inevitably
drops to zero and my video image freezes. The conference was
run over a reflector, and the incoming images were fine --
nobody else froze up. In going through the CU-SeeME list
archives, I followed these suggestions I found in various

Turning off any extensions I didn't need.

Reducing the monitor to gray/16.

Reducing the transmission minimum to 3.

Increasing the memory allocated to CU-SeeMe.

Turning off Apple Talk.

This video freezing problem is fairly consistent -- am I
missing something?! Any other suggestions? By the way, I'm
running system 7.5 and am using a QuickCam.


Todd Kent