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John Ingham (
Fri, 11 Apr 1997 10:54:28 +0930

Ted Ede just asked...

>I have a powermac 7500 with a sony camcorder connected to the=20

>composite video port. Neither white pine's or the free version

>will display the video. Do I need a special piece of

>or should I just hunker down and spend the $75 on a quickcam?


In the documentation which comes with the White Pine EnhCU-SeeMe
software is the following quote...

* <bold>Millions of Colors </bold>

Millions of colors does not work on Macintosh AV systems. This setting
is shown in the Monitors or Sound and Displays Control Panels.=20


* <bold>PowerMacintosh=AE 7500/8500=20

</bold>On the PowerMacintosh 7500/8500, the video digitizer doesn't
work if

virtual memory is on (Enhanced CU-SeeMe needs to capture to an off

buffer). Turn off virtual memory for this to work correctly. On 8500,
unexpected results may occur when running the PPC or Fat Build when
Virtual Memory is turned on.

>Also, has anyone with a IIci tried cu-seeme and found it useable

>for video/voice on a peer to peer conversation? I'd like to

>set up a family member with a quickcam as a gift if it'll work


I have used a Macintosh LC-1 successfully for CU-SeeMe to send and
receive video and receive BUT NOT TRANSMIT audio. The older processors
just don't have enough grunt to compress audio. I can't recall what
processor the IIci uses but anything less than a 68030 or maybe even a
68040 won't cut the mustard.

To be brutally frank, I have yet to be satisfied with ANY CU-SeeMe
audio over a 28,800 modem. White Pine's EnhCU-SeeMe for the PC has had
for some time 8.5 kbs DigiTalk and Voxware 2.4 kbs but these cannot be
received on a Mac whose best released audio compression is only 16 kbs
PCM. And both Digitalk and Voxware require a processor with quite a
bit of grunt so if they DO eventually become available, they will only
work on a high end Mac.

Even when using Voxware 2.4 kbs for direct peer to peer conferencing
(ie not via a reflector) via 28,800 modems, I have found that
marginally satisfactory results can be had ONLY by freezing transmit
video when transmitting audio - this is hardly transparent
conferencing. Also the sound received on a PC degrades in a worse way
on a Mac, with a very unpleasent "machine-gun" like effect being most

When possible I like to use the Audio capabilities of "PowWow" run
concurrently with CU-SeeMe, but unhappily "PowWow" is not available for
the Macintosh platform at all. But even with "PowWow", best results
are only obtained by freezing transmit video when transmitting audio.

So there you have it. Sorry for the long post, but in my opinion at
present CU-SeeMe (particularly for the Macintosh platform) still has
limitations for video/voice peer to peer family conversation, and even
more so for training and business.

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