Re: Video Freezes

John Ingham (
Fri, 11 Apr 1997 11:11:59 +0930

Todd Kent just said...

>I'm stumped. I running CU-SeeMe .85b1 on a 7100/80 Power
>Macintosh over a university t1 line, and my video starts out
>fine, but as the conference progresses, the fps rate inevitably
>drops to zero and my video image freezes. The conference was
>run over a reflector, and the incoming images were fine --
>nobody else froze up.

Todd, your problem may be the settings you have in your video preferences.
You see, your CU-SeeMe is probably "going to sleep" after it has sent the
first few frames because it is failing to recognise that the image has
changed or needs to be updated. I don't have a copy of CU-SeeMe 0.85b1 any
more to check but from memory if you open up your Audio/Video Preferences,
then click on the lower "Set..." button (ie Video Codec), you'll be taken
to another window showing Compression Settings. Press "Options..." and yet
another window opens.

This is where my memory gets a bit blurry. There may be some settings
there which will help you. Anything making reference to "I" Frame Rate and
ME Search Radius. In my version of EnhCU-SeeMe I use a Smeared "I" Frame
Rate of 45 and an ME Search Radius of 8. Now that's for color but if you
see anything similar to those parameters then that's what I suggest you
play with.

Try connecting to "Self" and compare the quality of your out-going and
in-coming pictures as you make your adjustments.

I wish you luck. Let's know how you go.

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