Re: school to school hookup

John Ingham (
Fri, 11 Apr 1997 11:17:46 +0930

Bob Kavanagh just said...

>I have been trying unsuccessfully to connect to a friend's school. I am
>using White Pine and she is using Cornell's latest version. Both Macs
>She has a dedicated IP address so I try to call her. I am sure that I
>have the correct address.
>When I call I get the comment that her address does not answer.
>There is no firewall on her network blocking me from netering.
>I have hooked up to various reflectors and have also hooked up two
>classrooms in the same building. Once doing dial-up and the other time
>over an intranet.
>I have also hooked up to reflectors from her site.
>Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated.

Hmm Bob, not much I can suggest except to say that I have experienced a
situation when one CU-SeeMe could call the other but not the other way
around. Why not try this next time. First connect to "Self" then when you
disconnect, take a note of your IP which is shown alongside the Disconnect
menu item. Call her by phone and tell her your IP and have her call you on
CU-SeeMe. You may find that this works. Why?? Beats me!

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