Re: Video Freezes

Mike Baranowski (
Thu, 10 Apr 1997 21:54:43 -0500

>I'm stumped. I running CU-SeeMe .85b1 on a 7100/80 Power
>Macintosh over a university t1 line, and my video starts out
>fine, but as the conference progresses, the fps rate inevitably
>drops to zero and my video image freezes. The conference was
>run over a reflector, and the incoming images were fine --
>nobody else froze up. In going through the CU-SeeME list
>archives, I followed these suggestions I found in various


What version of the reflector? I have experienced the same problem with a
cornell reflector. Try D/Cing with someone as a test. This will isolate
if it's the reflector or not.

-Mike Baranowski