The next Cornell 0.90b2 version has a cool phonebook

Bill Woodland (
Fri, 11 Apr 1997 11:14:23 -0500

Picture this....

You're at your office on a high speed link, and connect to a reflector that
allows you to receive at 300k max, and send at 80k max, so you adjust your
rates accordingly. Now you decide to go visit another ref, and once you
connect, you get:

"Please lower your transmit maximum to 60K or lower"

and get kicked off the ref. Ain't it a pain?

Steve Edgar to the rescue!

You folks are going to love this! The next PC version of CU from Cornell
will have a new phonebook which will take care of this for you
automatically. It currently allows you to add new entries, change existing
entries and save (or don't) the changes, and also allows you to DELETE
reflectors from the list that have long since gone down the tubes (in the
past you had to do this by editing the INI file manually).

Here are the fields for the phonebook.ini file:

Alias (name you give to the target)
hostname or IP
Conference ID
Send Video (1 for yes, 0 for no)
Recv Video (1 for yes, 0 for no)
Recv Min
Recv Max
Send Min
Send Max

This is all done in a comma delimited format. Here is what the entry for my
ref looks like:

NO Blues,,0,1,1,4,24,4,24

The rate fields in the View/Preferences screen will be used as default
settings, but the rates in the phone book will override these defaults, if
the defaults are higher than the rates in that particular phonebook entry.

Steve's going to add an IMPORT feature so you can get reflector lists from
your friends and add them to your list easily. During an import, any
duplicate IP and Conference IDs encountered will prompt you for which action
to take:

Add it anyway,=20
Ignore this one, or=20
Replace the existing entry

Streak has already added this new format to his Reflector Scanner Web page ( ) so you can download
his list in this format and just suck it all right into the phonebook. I
have also created a version of my reflector list in this format on my
Reflector List section. There's also a picture of the phonebook dialog box
there, if you want to see how it looks right now. This section won't stay
there much longer, tho, as I will soon be pointing people to Streak's page
for reflector lists. =20

OK, somebody's got to do this, so it may as well be me. There are currently
several web pages where you can get a reflector list, including mine,
Streak's, and PeoplesNet ( ), but none of
these lists have the rate info that will be needed for this new phonebook,
so I have created a place on my page where reflector administrators can add
their ref to my list, and supply me with their max allowed rate settings.
This info will be posted on my web page in a TABLE format, and will be
available for downloading in this new format, in addition to the other
formats for the White Pine's PC and MAC versions, and the Cornell W0.84b7
and the MAC V.85b1 format. I will also forward to Streak all ref info that
I receive thru this page. Streak and I will probably work together on this
to create a (hopefully) RELIABLE reflector list with all of the info that
will be needed for all of the different formats, and my list will be
replaced by his.

Bill Woodland (Squeek =A9)
PC questions only, please.
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