Re: ? about win cuseeme audio

David (
Sat, 12 Apr 1997 22:16:23 +0000

Mark Andrew Nassy wrote:
> my system: mac840av, cuseeme 0.85b1, 33.6 bps modem, delta mod 16, 50ms.
> problem 1:
> i have noticed when i try to use cuseeme to audio conference both windows
> and mac users can hear me, but i and some other users (both pc and macs
> users) have problems hearing the audio from a select few pc users. the
> audio from the pc users that we cant hear is usually a high pitched, and
> has a low volume most of the time, and has very little distinguishable
> speech. while i cant b 100% sure i think they use similar audio settings to
> mine. i dont think they r using intel dvi codec. there r also t1 users who
> cannot hear them. and some of those pc users with problem audio r also on
> t1s.
> is that there is some setting in window 31/95 that they can make to fix
> this problem.
> problem 2:
> when i connect to some pc users directly or via a reflector i noticed that
> their microphone icon is disabled (has an x in it) in my participants list.
> the x sometimes goes away if u wait > 1 minute, or ask them to disconnect,
> wait a minute and then reconnect. however this does not solve the problem
> in all cases.
> does any1 know the cause of this problem and if so any suggestions for
> correcting it would b welcome.

Not really. The bandwidth that audio uses is quite a bit greater than
the video, because as I understand it, the video is compressed down to
almost nothing, and the frame rate and cps is so low that it can get
through. The audio isn't compressed as well, and therefore can't really
do anything but sound garbled. Your best bet with a Mac is to get system
7.5.3 at least, and get text to speech and the CuSee Me plugin Geektalk.
That's as close to audio as you are going to get for now. Maybe they'll
improve the next version for audio transmission and reception, but I'm
not counting on it. Good luck!