Re: ? about win cuseeme audio

Mark Andrew Nassy (
Sun, 13 Apr 97 04:27:21 -0400

>i have
>consistently had great results using video and audio (sometimes
>simultaneously) over a modem for long periods of time in direct connections
>with people in the continental usa and on reflectors in the continental

> users) have problems hearing the audio from a select few pc users. the
> audio from the pc users that we cant hear is usually a high pitched, and
> has a low volume most of the time, and has very little distinguishable
> speech.

>>through. The audio isn't compressed as well, and therefore can't really
>>do anything but sound garbled. Your best bet with a Mac is to get system

thanks for ur reply. fortunately i have had great results using both
audio and video on my macintosh. the people (that meet the requirements
to receive audio) that i transmit to can usually hear my audio without
any problems. i also usually have none/very little problem(s) receiving
audio. the problem i was hoping to find a solution to was: a few pc users
who should b able to send audio for some reason r sending a high pitched
noise in its place. i dont think the problem is on my end as my audio
reception and transmission works great with most pc and mac users.

>>7.5.3 at least, and get text to speech and the CuSee Me plugin Geektalk.
>>That's as close to audio as you are going to get for now. Maybe they'll
>>improve the next version for audio transmission and reception, but I'm
>>not counting on it. Good luck!

thanks. i have geektalk. a very cool plug in might i add.

my audio on cuseeme actually work(ed)s great with mos 7.5 - 7.6.

it is the 2 or 3 of my windows pc user friends that r having a problems
sending audio. no1 in the audio conference can hear them. however they
can hear every1 fine.

thanks again for ur reply.

Mark Andrew Nassy <>