Re: Not seeing video

John Ingham (
Mon, 14 Apr 1997 09:39:05 +0930

Josee just said...

>I must have missed something very obvious here. For the first time this
>morning I tried making a point-to-point contact with a friend this
>morning. I could see him, but he couldn't see me :-). I went over my
>preferences, and everything seemed to check out, my "stop sending video"
>preference was unchecked, but I still showed up as a lurker on his
>participant list. I'm using Win 95, White Pine Enhanced version. Please

Josee, it's my guess that your friend is using the "freeware" version of
CU-SeeMe from Cornell which does NOT support color for transmit OR receive!
Open up your Audio/Video Preferences and check the "Codec" choices - you
should find one there called "CU-SeeMe Grey" or something like that. Click
on that and try again. This should change your transmission to B&W which
will be acceptable to your friend's CU-SeeMe and you'll no longer be a

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