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Sun, 13 Apr 1997 19:29:37 -0500

At 12:28 PM 4/11/97 -0500, the antiMaguire wrote:
>Does anyone here know about operating their own reflectors, with either=20
>the Cornell Software or with the White Pine software.
>Also...I believe there is a reflector ya'll know the address.

I run a WP 2.01 ref, and if that's what you're using, you should have gotten
docs with it. I think they have them on their web site somewhere in PDF
format. As far as the Cornell ref goes, most of the info you need is in the
readme file that you can get from Cornell's ftp server, in the same
directory that you find the ref program. If you need some specific help,
email me directly and I'll do my best.

Reflector lists revisited...

I keep one on my web page, but the BEST that I've found so far is at
Streak's Web Reflector Scanner page at:

I'll be removing my list soon, and will make the pointer go to Streak's
page. Streak has set it up so you can sort it in multiple ways, and then
download the results in several different formats. Here is a quote from his
help page:

"Some popular sorting ideas:
Country - to show all reflectors from a particular country
Reverse Added - to show the most recently added reflectors
Reverse Verified - to show the most recently active reflectors
Reverse Number of Connects - to show the most "popular" reflectors

You can also display only the reflectors that have been active a certain
number of days ago. This allows you more flexibility by sorting the list
however you want and only displaying the reflectors that the scanner has
listed as being up. Once you select which options you want, you can hit the
"Reload" button and it will print out the desired list for you."

Here are the different download formats he supports:
Web Version - The Original List
Ascii Text - Looks best for printing
Windows Cornell 0.900 PhoneBook
Windows Richard Cekal's
Windows Cornell MRU Long
Windows Cornell MRU Short
Windows White Pine NICKNAME.INI
Mac Cornell/WhitePine CU-SeeMe Nicknames
Mac WhitePine Enhanced CU-SeeMe Nicknames

I urge any reflector operators out there to submit their ref info to my web
page, which in turn will be sent over to Streak in hope of making a reliable
reflector list for the CU-SeeME community. If you run a White Pine
reflector, you should email Streak and give him authorization to telnet into
your ref for WHO info. I have given him authorization to telnet to MY ref,
so people can see who is on it, and I also have some "ref cops" that use his
page to kick people off the ref that seem to ignore the "no nudity" rules
there. His page is the EASIEST way for a ref operator to give this kind of
access to their ref cops.

Read this page for more background info on how the page came about, and what
kinds of things can be done via telnet from his web page:

Bill Woodland (Squeek =A9)
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