Re: ? about win cuseeme audio

Mark Andrew Nassy (
Mon, 14 Apr 97 02:07:04 -0400

>> users) have problems hearing the audio from a select few pc users. the
>> audio from the pc users that we cant hear is usually a high pitched, and
>> has a low volume most of the time, and has very little distinguishable
>> speech.

>versions. They are 8.5 kbs "DigiTalk" and 2.4 kbs "Voxware". If you
>attempt to receive on your Macintosh anyone using these algorithms, you
>will experience the problems you have mentioned. This may be addressed in

thanks for ur response.

all users r using cornells version of cuseeme. while i cant b 100% sure i
think the pc users that r having the audio problems r using 0.9b delta
mod 16 encoding medium delay, the win 0.87b users r also using delta mod
16, 50 ms delay (manually edited cuseeme.ini) so i dont think this is the
problem in this case.

im clutching at straws here but ill ask them to c if adjusting the
recording volume and playback volumes in their multimedia control panels
will help. failing that ill ask them to adjust the frequency of the
recorded audio from say cd quality to radio and hopefully that will help.
any1 know if these adjustments could have any effect on cornell windows95
cuseeme outgoing audio on a 28.8+ modem and t1 ?


Mark Andrew Nassy <>