Bill Gunneson (
Mon, 14 Apr 1997 19:26:26 -0100

Hey, I like looks of the new version. Couple of problems though, and
hoping you all can help. In the setup it gives me no options for
xmiting, the box that you check, "i will send video" stays gray and
won't let me select. I just downloaded this version last week when I
bought this new pc, which is a Compaq 200mhz, with mmx, model 4784. The
other thing is that all the windows stay tiled! ( when on a ref). Is
that the way the new version was made, as I see no way to change that.
Btw, I'm using a b&w connectix cam. The previous version worked great
on my old pc. The cam works fine, on the pc for taking pic's, etc. I
can't get a local window to appear at all on cu-seeme. Hoping someone
can help! Thanks in advance and keep up the great work. Bill G