Re: CU over Cable Modem Questions

Mark L. Bardenwerper (
Mon, 14 Apr 1997 21:33:53 -0500 wrote:
> Hi all,
> I recently got connected using a Cable modem with very high speeds. I direct
> connected to another who had a cable modem, and he could see me extremely
> well, w/ 5-6 frames/second. However I only saw him at 0 frames/second, and
> he didn't appear any better than anyone on a regular reflector site. I
> started looking at the parameters in my CU ini file, and am confused.
> I see Maxcap, Mincap, MaxrecvCap, MinrecvCap, and CurrentrecvCap. Could
> someone in the know explain how each of these affect the connection, and
> maybe discuss some guidelines regarding them over high speed connections (Up
> to 1.5Mb/sec). By the way, he could hear me very well, but he couldnt
> broadcast, so I don't know how he sounded.
> Thanks for any help/advice.
> M. Barry
You may have a cable modem, he may have a cable modem. What was in
between? Also, what kind of machines were you using? It is like a chain,
only as strong as its weakest link. I would suggest starting out low on
your trans and receive settings, then working your way up. I wonder if
it is possible to ping such a connection?
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