Version for Windows 3.11

Douglas Macduff (
Tue, 15 Apr 1997 21:11:33 -0400 (EDT)

Hello folks.
Well I finally spent a few $$ and received my connectrix cam. :)
Only problem is, I didn't receive any cu-seeme software with it. :(

I am currently using the WHite Pine unregistered version and
having absolutely no problemo with it except that every
15 mins it shuts down.

But before I plunk down any more $$ or $$$'s, I'd like Bill
Woodlands' advice preferably, (but all are welcome to respond) whether the
Cornell version or WHite Pine is

My system :
Pentium 75 mhz (slow bird I know)
Windows 3.11 ( know I should upgrade, but I won't)
Modem: Brand spanking new acer 33.6k (though my ISP
server is only 28.8)
Cam: B&W Connectix

How about it?

Tons of thanks. doug.