Troubles with audio in "Enhanced CUSeeMe"

Alona Mugica Olano (
Wed, 16 Apr 1997 18:02:19 +0100

Hi, all!
We have installed and tested a "CUSeeMe reflector (version 2.1)" and we have
observed some troubles with the audio in "Enhanced CUSeeMe (version 2.1.1)"
Sometimes one "Enhanced CUSeeMe" can't hear to the other "Enhanced CUSeeMe",
but the other yes.=20
Why have we troubles with the audio???

We have worked with 8k-10k rate transmission and rate received and the
quality is good.

A question:=20
* if we want to work in multicast, must we have any m-router?
* Know anybody if "Enhanced CUSeeMe" can work with HTML documents?
* Anyone know if CUSeeMe is working in a new release (reflector and
Enhanced)? What news will be in the new release? =20

We look forward to heraring from you very soon.

Very sincerely,=20

Alo=F1a Mugica Olano
Interlinea 2000
Kaskotegi 4, bajo
20.305 Irun - SPAIN
tfno.: 943 61 91 01
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fax.: 943 61 81 59