Re: Version for Windows 3.11

Bill Woodland (
Wed, 16 Apr 1997 22:23:07 -0500

At 09:11 PM 4/15/97 -0400, Douglas Macduff wrote:
>Hello folks.
> Well I finally spent a few $$ and received my connectrix cam.=
> Only problem is, I didn't receive any cu-seeme software with=
it. :(
> I am currently using the WHite Pine unregistered version and
>having absolutely no problemo with it except that every
>15 mins it shuts down.=20

I thought the demo lasted for THIRTY minutes, not just 15. You can get the
FREE Cornell version 0.84b7 at if you follow the
links there.

> But before I plunk down any more $$ or $$$'s, I'd like Bill
>Woodlands' advice preferably, (but all are welcome to respond) whether the
>Cornell version or WHite Pine is
> prefered.=20
> My system :
> Pentium 75 mhz (slow bird I know)
> Windows 3.11 ( know I should upgrade, but I won't)
> Modem: Brand spanking new acer 33.6k (though my ISP
> server is only 28.8)
> Cam: B&W Connectix
> =20
> How about it?
> Tons of thanks. doug. =20

"Windows 3.11 ( know I should upgrade, but I won't)" ??? That reminds me
of my older brother...."I know VHS has become the standard, but I'm gonna
keep my BETAMAX".

For Windows 3.1 I prefer the WP version, if you can afford to pay for it.
It has more fetures, a better ref list manager (phonebook) and better
bandwidth management. =20

For Windows 95, I prefer the latest Cornell version, which is FREE. =20

If you have at least 16 meg of RAM, upgrade to Windows 95 and get the new
Cornell version. A P75 should run win95 just fine on 16 meg of RAM. I run
a WP reflector on a P60, believe it or not, and it's plenty fast for that.
MY 12 year old son has a 486/80 and 16 meg of ram and Windows 95, and it
runs the latest Cornell version just fine, too.

Bill Woodland (Squeek =A9)
PC questions only, please.
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