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Stephen Marr (
Thu, 17 Apr 1997 07:31:55 -0500

Ditto, I got the same results. I have heard there is even a b3? All I have been able to locate and download though is b1.


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On Wed, 16 Apr 1997 15:51:58 -0800 (PST), Brad Burleson wrote:
> Uh, I don't mean to complain but when I went to that URL and
> grabbed the file all the documentation (including the version
> information under help) claimed it's still b1.
> So, _is_ it b1 or not?

> At 09:12 PM 4/15/97 -0500 (CDT), Mark L. Bardenwerper wrote:
> >Paolo Molinari wrote:
> >>
> >> I read on Bill Woodland's www site about this new b2 version for PCs - is
> >> this version available now and, if yes, where can I dowload it?
> >>
> >> best regards to the list

Mark L. Bardenwerper replied

> >At
> >--

On Wed, 16 Apr 1997 at 00:22:16, Bill Woodland Replied:

> Sorry, Mark, but the 90b2 version hasn't been released yet, and I can't give
> you an exact date for its release. The programmer at Cornell (Steve Edgar)
> has been put onto another project, but he's going to finish up this code on
> his own time. This means it will take longer for this version to be
> available to the general public. If you and others think this phonebook
> feature is important enough, make a statement to that effect and send it to
> this mailing list, and perhaps Steve's project leader will allow him to at
> least finish up the changes for this version during "company time".
> Bill Woodland (Squeek (c))
> PC questions only, please.
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