RE: Troubles with audio in "Enhanced CUSeeMe"

Joe Izen (
Thu, 17 Apr 1997 17:29:56 -0500

Dear Alona,

>We have installed and tested a "CUSeeMe reflector (version 2.1)" and we have
>observed some troubles with the audio in "Enhanced CUSeeMe (version 2.1.1)"
>Sometimes one "Enhanced CUSeeMe" can't hear to the other "Enhanced CUSeeMe",
>but the other yes.=
>Why have we troubles with the audio???

Sometimes, when a camera-less PC client connects directly to a reflector or
a mac client (WP or Cornell), the mac can not here sound transmitted from
the pc. When it occurs, between 2 sites, the problem is reproducible, but
not all pairs of connections seem to be affected. WhitePine tech support
confirmed the problem, but there is as yet no solution that I know of. In
our case, A camera-less PC, my mac, and a WhitePine tech support mac were
all connected to the same reflector. WHitepine could hear the PC, but
neither my WP or CU clients could. It is the bizarrest client problem I've
seen, and it affects direct client to client connection as well as
connections when there is a reflector involved. If this describes your
circumstances, I'd encourage you to report the details to Cornell and WHite
Pine. I don't know how the COrnell PC behaves in this respect.