But Cu-Seeme (Cornell free version) does see Videoblaster?

Roberto Del Bianco (r.delbianco@agora.stm.it)
Fri, 18 Apr 1997 14:19:29

Hello All!

I'm attached to this list since few days, and now I'd like to ask you for a
Is Cu-Seeme (the free version, which I downloaded from Cornell site) able
to use VideoBlaster (an old model, which I can use only into a 386dx,
because it is hardware incompatible with a 486 board I also have)? Because,
in any case, the File menu option "Video Setup" cannot open! Is it a
limitation-feature due of freeware kind of the package, or there are other
things to do?

The same version do really work with QuickCam? I did not yet acquired,
either for the doubt I have, either for the high price I found it here in
Italy (in USA it costs 99$, here I can buy at more than 300.000 Lire, that
is, twice the US value!)

Many thanks for any answer...

... Bye bye!
Roberto Del Bianco