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Mark L. Bardenwerper (
Tue, 22 Apr 1997 00:18:44 -0500

Larry wrote:
> I am trying to install cuseeme on a friends computer. I installed it on
> mine with no problems. He is getting
> the following errs..
> 1. WSA Startup0Failed (10093)
> 2. Problems with receive network installation Cuseeme will exit.
> 3. WSA Cleanup0-error (10093)
> He is running a DX2-66 with Windows 3.11
> Any suggestions ?
Good God! This one brought back some horrid memories.It bothered me so
much that I had once licked this that I set out to solve it again.
Unfortunately, many of my old trails are now dried up (also a few brain
cells). I searched several engines with numerous queries and I still
come up with very little understandable. The only thing I get is that
the WSA Startup0 is the first command that the sock initiates and the
WSA Cleanup0 is the last. Think of it as the opening of a valve and then
the subsequent closing. I definitely is a Winsock error.
You should do a search of you entire hard drive to make sure that the
only Winsock.dll file is in Windows/System directory. DELETE or RENAME
any others. Also make sure that it is at least version 2.0. You will
also need to set up a "host" file. Try to get rid of these errors first,
then I will try to steer you onto a solution to the next. Come on,
someone else wrack your brains for this oldie!

May I ask why this friend wants to stick with W3.11? It's time to put
the old man to bed. I ran W95 on a dx266 with good success and more

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