newbee question????

Dr Pepper (
Tue, 22 Apr 1997 11:53:07 -0700

Hi, All, , , , , and thanx for reading this

I just got my Connectrix b&w camera, and CU-SEEME,, and have been
looking around the "mirror" or "reflector" sites. I guess that I
just don't understand what is happening here. What is there to all
this? If you connect to one site, does that mean that you are on
ALL sites? Why don't people want to talk to each other? I say
"HI" on the keyboard, and no one answers me. I can change to another
site, and still see some one who was on another site. Is there
somewhere I can get some BASIC information? Is this like IRC?
Please no flames, I think that we were all here at one time, . , . ,
. :-}
Dr. Pepper
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