Re: pc to pc connection

Mark Goldstein (
Tue, 22 Apr 1997 13:04:24 -0700

>hey folks
>i am using the enhanced cu seeme program for win 3.1x and was wondering how
>to make a pc to pc connection without having to call the person to which i
>want to connect to find out his ip address. is there a way to have a
>permanent ip address. i am using my university's server and my ip address
>changes every time i log in. my friend is connecting to the internet via
>att and is having the same problem. is there a way to have a permenant ip
>address so that it can be entered into cu seeme's settings like a reflector
>thanks for any help anyone can provide.
>jb perrine

There's a neat program out there called ICQ that may just solve your
problem, assuming, of course, that both of you are using PC compatibles
and not Macs. You can get it at and it's free. If
each of you run it when you log on to your ISP and you have each other on
your notify lists, it will show you when your friend is on the Internet
and you can either message or chat to tell each other what your IP
addresses are or you can just look at the user information for your
friend and it will show his current IP address.

Mark Goldstein

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