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Tue, 22 Apr 1997 21:33:17 -0500

At 11:53 AM 4/22/97 -0700, Dr Pepper wrote:
>Hi, All, , , , , and thanx for reading this
>I just got my Connectrix b&w camera, and CU-SEEME,, and have been=20
>looking around the "mirror" or "reflector" sites. I guess that I=20
>just don't understand what is happening here. What is there to all=20
>this? If you connect to one site, does that mean that you are on=20
>ALL sites? =20

No. You can only see and chat with the others that are connected to the
same reflector.

>Why don't people want to talk to each other? I say=20
>"HI" on the keyboard, and no one answers me. =20

It may take some time before someone actually talks back to you, but keep
this in mind: most people feel compelled to answer when you ask them a
question. Connect and read the chat that goes by and get a feel for the
current topic and/or attitudes of the poeple there before you start to talk
to them.

>I can change to another=20
>site, and still see some one who was on another site. =20

When you disconnect from a reflector, be sure to wait about a minute before
connecting to another one. What happened to you at that time was that
packets of data were still be coming from the ref you just left, and it
reconnected you again.

>Is there=20
>somewhere I can get some BASIC information? =20

Yes. My web page, and about a thousand others out there.

>Is this like IRC?

Yes, it's very similar to IRC in some respects. Joining a reflector is
about the same as joining an IRC channel, except that you also have video
and audio capabilities. It is unsimilar in that the different reflectors
are not connected to each other, as IRC servers on the same IRC network are
connected to each other.

>Please no flames, I think that we were all here at one time, . , . ,
>. :-}
>-- =20
> Dr. Pepper
> Good ALL the time

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