People Not Responding to Chat

Bill Williams (
Wed, 23 Apr 1997 08:42:48 -0400

There've been some questions recently about "chat" either not getting
out or being ignored, and I've had that problem myself (Cornell,
Mac). I recently connected to Squeek's reflector conference 1, which
is a single-user "conference" that reflects one's own picture and chat
("No Blues:"; thanks, Squeek!). I found that I had to
have a maximum transmission rate of at least 10 Kb in order to see my
own chat reliably. With max. send set around 8 I sometimes got it
and sometimes didn't, and it took several seconds to show up. With
rates below 6 it didn't show up at all (until I set the rate higher,
and then the higher-rate chat seemed to flush out the stuff I'd typed
before). This is with "Imposter," a Mac program similar to
"CU-Doodle," sending still video. The numbers may be different for
different setups, so I'd strongly advise visiting "No Blues" conf. 1
and playing with max send.

-Bill Williams (aka "Albert" sometimes)