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Bill Woodland (
Wed, 23 Apr 1997 22:19:13 -0500

At 01:38 AM 4/23/97 -0400, Douglas Macduff wrote:
> I saw a (from Mark)response to the WSA Cleanup and other error=
>I have this problem often too.=20
>OK, I can use search and find all the *.dlls on my C:\ drive.
>How do I find the version number?=20
>Another error message I get is this (on my trumpet winsock windows),

You don't need to check each dl file, just the winsock.dll files. In
trumpet if you click on help/about, that only tells you the version of
trumpet itself, but you could have gotten copies of winsock.dll from other
sources in the past, like AOL or AT&T, etc. The best thing to check would
be the size, and dat/time stamp on winsock.dll. The size and date/time info
on my winsock.dll that came with trumpet version 2.0b is:

145,152 bytes, 11/3/94 at 2:57:16 pm

Bill Woodland (Squeek =A9)
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