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Dr Pepper (
Thu, 24 Apr 1997 08:49:14 -0700

Yes, Andrew, , , I DID mean "Elisa". Thank you for pointing
this out. And thanx for the site info , , , I think I'll get
a version and play with it. BTW, This may seem a "weak example
of parsing text" to you, these days, but when it originally
came out, it was a g-whiz program. And it WAS considered an
example of AI, AT THE TIME! And it's easily modified to do or
say, pretty much what you want it to say.

Of course this was probably before you were born. :-}

Andrew Brennan wrote:
> On Wed, 23 Apr 1997, Dr Pepper wrote:
> > Automated chat???? SURE there is. It's called "Lisa", and it will hold
> > a firly complicated (for a computer) conversation with you.
> Sure you don't mean "Eliza" ??
> > It was developed at Harvard in the early days of computers and blue
> > boxes. It is a demonstration of AI (Artificial Intelligence), and is
> > written in basic, and is widely available for free.
> I wouldn't have considered Eliza an example of AI ... perhaps a
> weak example of parsing text that the user entered, but not AI.
> ... but I see that Eliza apparently has it's place in CMU's AI
> repository with versions in BASIC, LISP, PROLOG, Pascal, etc.:
> < >
> Was the original request for a chat-bot for CU-SeeMe conferences?
> Or for the CU-SeeMe mailing list??
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