CU-Seeme on Amateur PAcket?
Sat, 26 Apr 1997 16:22:16 BST

hello, I am a radio amateur, and I am thinking of starting up a local mini network with other amateurs.
Normally, amateur packet operates at 1200bps, but now there are modems available for radio use at 50Kbps+, quite cheaply.
I plan to have a 486DX2-66 running Linux, and another similar or higher class computer connected via either a serical link or ethernet card.
I will be running Windows '95 on the new computer.
I believe that I will be able to have the Linux computer running as a host, with a WWW server, etc, and Windows setup in LAN mode, connected to it ot transfer data out into the amateur network. There will only be about 3/4 of us.
As this will be simplex operation, duplex is possible but complicated, will it affect the performance of CU-SeeMe? and will it continue to work adequately with video and sound?
When we want to talk 1-2-1, we will be able to simply Telnet to the other computer, is that right? And what do I have to do/run to have a multiple session with 2/3 other people?
Also, what is the cheapest Camera/board I can get, particularly in the UK, and where can I get it from? What's it like?
Thanks very much.
Dave, G7THL.


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