Re: CU-Seeme on Amateur PAcket?

Adrian Close (
Sun, 27 Apr 1997 22:01:00 +1000 (EST)

Hi David,

On Sat, 26 Apr 1997 wrote:

> Normally, amateur packet operates at 1200bps, but now there are modems
> available for radio use at 50Kbps+, quite cheaply.

Yum! Seems kinda strange that packet beats modems, don't you think?
What packet modems are you thinking of? The Ottawa things, or something

> I plan to have a 486DX2-66 running Linux, and another similar or higher
> class computer connected via either a serical link or ethernet card.
> I will be running Windows '95 on the new computer.
> I believe that I will be able to have the Linux computer running as a
> host, with a WWW server, etc, and Windows setup in LAN mode, connected
> to it ot transfer data out into the amateur network. There will only be
> about 3/4 of us.

OK, so the Linux box has the TNC and packet modem, and the Win 95 box just
talks to it over your local ethernet? You may have some fun with IP
addresses and routing et al, or do you have a handle on all of that? Have
you worked out how to run TCP/IP over your packet link?

> As this will be simplex operation, duplex is possible but complicated,
> will it affect the performance of CU-SeeMe? and will it continue to work
> adequately with video and sound?

Erk... CU does some fairly intense bi-directional traffic. At a
basic level, running IP over a simplex link could be interesting, anyway.
I think you need duplex! (But I don't know for sure - give it a try.)

> When we want to talk 1-2-1, we will be able to simply Telnet to the
> other computer, is that right? And what do I have to do/run to have a
> multiple session with 2/3 other people?

Telnet and CU aren't really connected - they both use IP packets but in
different ways. However, assuming you can ping one computer from the
other and vice versa you should be ready to go with CU. (This is why I'm
asking about IP addresses and routing)

As for the "multiple session", what you'll want to do there is run a
reflector (probably on your Linux machine). You can go the commercial
reflector from White Pine or the Cornell one (which doesn't support

Anyway, I hope some of this helps. If you need more, just ask - I'd be
glad to help.

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