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Sun, 27 Apr 1997 23:01:39 -0500

David McArdle wrote:
> I wonder if someone can help me.
> I have been asked by a group of schools who are working together to
> investigate the possibility of audio only conferencing. We have slow, modem
> connections and could not support video.
> What I would like to know is, is it possible to use Cuseeme in this way? We
> would have a mix of computer types and operating systems.
> Thanks in anticipation of your help.
> David McArdle
> St Mary's Catholic Primary School
> PO Box 4124 Phone: +61-079-511743
> South Mackay Fax: +61-079-514793
> Queensland 4740 email:
> Australia
You would be best off using video and chat. Audio takes up the most
bandwidth and uses the most CPU power. Many computers are simply
incapable of useable audio.
A fine example of this type of utilization was a recent performance by a
group of Spanish classes coordinated by
Mara Schaeffer <>
I'm sure that she would not mind giving you some insights.
If not video, then perhaps chat only. CuSeeme would work in this way via
a reflector.
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