Re: MacTCP/Open Transport Issue

Mike Baranowski (
Tue, 29 Apr 1997 18:54:13 -0500

Dee Foster <> wrote:

>Has anyone had trouble using CU on a Mac 7500 using system 7.5.5? Have

My 8500 came with 7.5.5. I had no problems. Even though I didn't have any
problems, I still still added the PowerPC Interrupt Extension (on Apples
web site), as per this mailist back in January.

>Does anyone have advice? I tried removing the TCP/IP and putting in

Make sure that you are using OTI 1.1.2, virtual memory is off, and no Ram
Doubler. Try trashing the CUSeeMe prefs and give the application more

>Does anyone know if System 7.6 fixes the problem? I got it but am
>scared to install it now.

I recommend 7.6 in most cases. If in doubt, make a backup of your System

>Any help would be *most* gratefully appreciated. Is CU working to be
>Open Transport compatible???

The current CUSM is working with OT via emulation/hooks. There is a new
version which is FULLY OT complient. There is also a version 3.0 from
White Pine in the works.

Mike Baranowski