Quickcam and astronomy

Robert Lefebvre (robert.lefebvre@sympatico.ca)
Wed, 30 Apr 1997 07:36:51 -0400

Being an amateur myself im interested in your work ...

I have tried to catch some pictures with my B&W quickcam and my color
one with little success i must say.

The magnitude of the object was pretty high though (the moon).

The monochrome QC worked better than the color but the image was not
acceptable. I used the quickpict software that came with the quickcam.
Im not sure CU would be better (or worst) since it has a lot of fine
tuning adjustemts and features for moving object.

Some questions come to my mind:

Are you using the QC as it is or will you dismount it to adapt the lens

Is it sensitive enough to do the work? or is it the software that is not
adapted to the work.

Are there other software that could do the job?

can the quickcam interface be attached to a CCD camera, is it worth the

Sorry , only questions for now but if i find something i will post it
here (if its not too off topic ...theres quickcam in the text ... and
CU-SEEME). ;-)