Chat in Spanish, May 8

Mara Schaeffer (
Wed, 30 Apr 1997 05:59:25 -0700

We will be having another "Chat in Spanish" May 8, 1997 this time at 10:00
to 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time so it would be during school time for people on
the East Coast,(1:00-2:00 Eastern Time). I would like to invite classes to
join us. Please email me for the conference I.D. number, and be sure to
include a brief description of the grade level of your students and what
city and state you are in. We have a large map over our classroom computer
with yellow stickies describing each school.
The purpose is to develope literacy in Spanish, so this activity is
appropriate for both elementary bilingual, biliterate students as well as
middle and high school Spanish language students. We are connecting with a
modem, and using an old 040 Mac, so sound is not possible with our set up.
For our last chat, we used CUSeeMe and connected with five other schools to
"Chat in Spanish". We could see some of the other students from the other
schools in the video windows, then typed our conversation into the chat
window. At the end of the interaction, the text from the chat window can
be selected, copied, and saved as a text file, for reading, punctuation,
and grammer lessons. I even edited it for a class play, re-enacting the
interaction with groups of students pretending to be the different schools;
videotaping it for the parents to see at Open House night; and performing
it for my principal for my yearly evaluation, who had no idea of what video
conferencing was or what we were doing. I even put up a bulletin board in
the hall in front of the classroom describing what we did, with the
original text, the class corrections, the final play, a map of America
locating the different schools, some print outs from CU-SeeMe web sites,
and pictures of the children mugging the camera.
We hope your class can participate. Looking forward to seeing you.
>Mara Schaeffer

Mara Schaeffer