Re: Quickcam and astronomy

Ciaran Carter (
Wed, 30 Apr 1997 15:16:58


I have seen (but since lost) a web site of astronomers who use quickcams.=
think you have to cool the camera to increase exposure times or something=

Anybody out there know more ?


At 07:36 30/04/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Being an amateur myself im interested in your work ...
>I have tried to catch some pictures with my B&W quickcam and my color
>one with little success i must say.
>The magnitude of the object was pretty high though (the moon).
>The monochrome QC worked better than the color but the image was not
>acceptable. I used the quickpict software that came with the quickcam.
>Im not sure CU would be better (or worst) since it has a lot of fine
>tuning adjustemts and features for moving object.
>Some questions come to my mind:
>Are you using the QC as it is or will you dismount it to adapt the lens
>Is it sensitive enough to do the work? or is it the software that is not
>adapted to the work.
>Are there other software that could do the job?
>can the quickcam interface be attached to a CCD camera, is it worth the
>Sorry , only questions for now but if i find something i will post it
>here (if its not too off topic ...theres quickcam in the text ... and
>CU-SEEME). ;-)

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