Help with setting up the Cornell CU reflector

Alan McCoy (
Wed, 30 Apr 1997 12:57:46 -0400

Forgive me if I've already posted a message similar to this, but I =
didn't know if the first one went through.

Is there anyplace that I can find additional documentation on setting up =
the Cornell CU-SeeMe reflector? The docs that came with the file I =
downloaded were a bit fuzzy on the actual steps involved in getting the =
reflector up and running.

Or if anyone out there has successfully set up and is running a Cornell =
version reflector, please let me know. I have no idea what default =
directory (if any) the files are supposed to be installed into, much =
less how to start the reflector once it's installed. I know how to set =
up the reflector.conf file, since that's the only decent documentation =
that came with the file.

Thanks. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Alan McCoy