CU-SEEME v0.90b1 NT - initialization file, or Registry entry?

Steve Hoffmann (
Wed, 30 Apr 1997 15:46:40 -0400

If this has been answered before, please accept my apology as I have =
just subscribed to the mail-list.

I am attempting to run CU-SEEME v0.90b1 on a NT 4.0 SP2 Intel PC. The =
initial installation went fine, and CU-SEEME
worked fine until I changed the camera setting to use a 1/4 scale =
(80x60) image setting (subsequent reading of the readme.txt clearly =
indicates that this was NOT a supported configuration). Quite obviously =
this was a mistake, as CU-SEEME immediately crashed.

Subsequent attempts to restart CU-SEEME result in an "dialog box" =
"Unsupported video capture setting".=20

Upon clearing this dialog box, by clicking on "OK", brings up the =
initial CU-SEEME screens followed immediately by a
Dr. Watson error message stating:
Exception: access violation [0xc0000005], Address:0x0041f863"

I have re-installed both CU-SEEME32 and the Quick-Cam NT drivers, yet =
this condition persists. Apparently the video setting is
being stored either in a .ini file somewhere, or in a Registry Entry =
that is not being cleared by a re-install.

As the NT applications that are included with the NT device drivers from =
Connectix still work, as does the demo copy of White Pine's enhanced =
CU-SEEME, I am assuming that there is a seperate registry entry for =
Cornell's CU-SEEME32 which I have not been able to locate.

I would greatly appreciate information on how to clear this unsupported =
video setting so I may once again use Cornell's release of

Steve Hoffmann