Re: Quickcam and astronomy

K. Starr (
Wed, 30 Apr 1997 20:05:04 -0400

Quickcam for astrophotography? Intriguing idea. Another approach might be
to use a home video cam connected to a Snappy. Haven't tried this, but a
couple of years ago did get some very good shots of a lunar eclipse with a
Sony video cam plugged into a Video Blaster. Actually resolved detail
around the terminator line. Used a 3.5x screw-in tele converter at full
zoom for an effective 560mm (in 35mm terms) focal length.

I understand there is a company that makes 9x and 12x screw-in converters
for video cams as well. Could be cool!

In my mind - so little time to play, have I :-( - I've toyed with the idea
of glueing a 37mm step ring to the Quick Cam and using this for telephoto or
wide angle shots. Haven't tried this yet, but *did* hold a .5x wide angle
converter over the Quick Cam lens once; the results were interesting.
Anybody done anything like this?

Anyhow, this subject is really intriguing. And if it works, you could use
CU-SeeMe to broadcast asronomical events to schools, clubs, etc. Or to
monitor astro cams set up at remote locations.

Just food for thought.

Warm regards,

Kent Starr
aka Wizzard=A9