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Jim (
Wed, 1 Apr 1998 15:28:37 +0100

> From: Dave Enberg (Portland)
> what settings do you mean? can you be more specific?

Any settings, this is my first time to even see one of these Quick Cams.

> Your initial settings
> for send and receive should be 5 (min) and 15 (max).

Okay, I set those values in the Cuseeme preferences.

> What version of cuseeme do you have?


> what model cam do you have?

I bought the cam from a friend. It's a Connectix Color QuickCam and the
software version that came with it is Version 2.1

I tried it again last night in cuseeme. I could see everyone, but there
was no motion in any of the views.

And Paul responded below....

Paul (Paul W. Eykamp <>) wrote...

> Are you on a modem?

Yes. It's a USR Sportster 28.8.

> If so, set receive at 26, 30, or 50 depending on how fast your modem is,
> or how good your connection is (28,8; 33.6; or 56) and set send the
> same. If you have trouble, try lowering the rate.

I generally get a connection of 28.8

Thank's to all who are trying to help this newbie. It's very much



Thank you to Bill Woodland. I'll check out your page tonight.

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> Subject: Help?
> >Hi All,
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> >I bought a Connectix Quick Cam, and then downloaded CU-SeeMe.
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> >Can anyone help me please? I have no idea what my settings should be,
> >do I have any addresses in the CU-SeeMe list to make contact with anyone
> >any group.
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> >I'm using a PC running Win 95.
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> >Thanks in anticipation,