Newbie Help - and the Holy Grail of CuSeeMe

Brian K. Dowtin (
Thu, 2 Apr 1998 11:00:28 -0500 (EST)

To the newbie(s)
Settings are kind of important in getting video
Seems that for a while these were unpublished or at least
any reasoning behind the settings was unpublished.

What seems to be the norm for modems is
something around:

Min Send: 1 Max Send: 15
Men Recv: 1 Max Recv: 28

Important thing newbies forget to fiddle with
is the MJPEG Quality setting - it defaults at 75
norms for this is about 20

 The other thing is video's open. I can guarantee
 if you open all 8 videos, you wont see 8 folks moving
 if you're on a modem.
 I've found opening 2 videos seem to show fairly decent 
 on each. More than that, folks just seem to stand still
Again, I'm sure the guys here who've written the code
can give you an explanation and specifics.

And as always YMMV

Hope it helps! 'Brian Dowtin ----- -----