Out of work Rocket Scientist..

Monte Freeman (monte@adt.adtnet.com)
Thu, 2 Apr 1998 18:19:10 -0500 (EST)

Ok, so I'm neither out of work nor a rocket scientist... :)

But, CU-SeeMe shouldn't be rocket science either so I've got to be missing
something simple.

Here's how my system setup looks:

Pentium clone machine w/64 megs of ram running Win 95.
3-Com PCI Ethernet card
Ascend Pipeline 50 connected to an ISDN line
Internet service in Atlanta Georgia through Bellsouth.net
They do NAT (Network Address Translation) for their ISDN customers. I get a
DHCP-assigned IP address each time I connect to them.

The ip address of my PC is The ip address of the Ascend is

I *CAN* telnet, ftp, ping, web surf through this connection. Works great
other than being a little slow somtimes.

I *CAN NOT* get CU-SeeMe wo work through the ISDN connection. I have two
different versions of the free Cornell version, and I have the White Pine
one. None of them will connect to a server through the ISDN connection,
however all three versions will connect to the reflector I set up on a Sun
Sparc 2 on the other side of the room connected to the same ethernet hub.

No matter what server from the list in the White Pine (version 3.1 build 25 )
implementation I pick, I get the message " No response from <server name>
[ECU ID#:8293]". The free Cornell versions just say 'No response from

Anyone see anything I listed here that might be causing these problems? I'm
most happy to provide any other information needed, I'd just like to get
this working. The tech support people at Bellsouth.net have been worthless
in trying to figure this out. Cu-SeeMe is not a "Supported Application", but
they "see no reason it shouldn't be working" whatever that means..



Monte Freeman
Atlanta, Georgia