Re: Newbie Help - and the Holy Grail of CuSeeMe

Jason Williams (
Fri, 3 Apr 1998 00:46:09 -0600 (CST)

On Thu, 2 Apr 1998, Brian K. Dowtin wrote:
> Settings are kind of important in getting video
> Seems that for a while these were unpublished or at least
> any reasoning behind the settings was unpublished.

Historically (when I got into CU in 1994), settings weren't published
because they really weren't that important. A default max send of 80kbps
and max receive of 500kbps worked great when I was on a T1 :)

> Min Send: 1 Max Send: 15
> Men Recv: 1 Max Recv: 28

The Mins don't really do much for bandwidth at all...The only real reason
to set your mins that low is so no reflectors can complain and force you
out of the reflector for incorrect mins. (I try to convince reflector
operators that forcing people's mins to 1 doesn't save any bandwidth for
the reflector and only ticks the participants off).

> The other thing is video's open. I can guarantee
> if you open all 8 videos, you wont see 8 folks moving
> if you're on a modem.

Oddly enough, this depends a lot on the reflector you are at. I've opened
up to 6-7 vids on my public reflector (MPCS server) and received them just
fine. A little slow, but they all updated.

> I've found opening 2 videos seem to show fairly decent
> on each. More than that, folks just seem to stand still

This has something to do with color I believe...Color needs the bandwidth
and doesn't like high packet loss (MJPEG at least). If you open a lot of
vids, the packet loss creeps up and it stops updating. Again, on a MPCS
server this doesn't seem to be the case. I've also had good success with
color vids on Enhanced Reflectors.

> Again, I'm sure the guys here who've written the code
> can give you an explanation and specifics.

I haven't written the code really..but there's my $.02 :)

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