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Don Castella (
Fri, 3 Apr 1998 01:43:05 -0600

You need a real ip address on your PC so you can turn off NAT on the
Pipeline and just use it as a router.

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Date: Thursday, April 02, 1998 5:42 PM
Subject: Out of work Rocket Scientist..

>Ok, so I'm neither out of work nor a rocket scientist... :)
>But, CU-SeeMe shouldn't be rocket science either so I've got to be missing
>something simple.
>Here's how my system setup looks:
>Pentium clone machine w/64 megs of ram running Win 95.
>3-Com PCI Ethernet card
>Ascend Pipeline 50 connected to an ISDN line
>Internet service in Atlanta Georgia through
>They do NAT (Network Address Translation) for their ISDN customers. I get a
>DHCP-assigned IP address each time I connect to them.
>The ip address of my PC is The ip address of the Ascend is
>I *CAN* telnet, ftp, ping, web surf through this connection. Works great
>other than being a little slow somtimes.
>I *CAN NOT* get CU-SeeMe wo work through the ISDN connection. I have two
>different versions of the free Cornell version, and I have the White Pine
>one. None of them will connect to a server through the ISDN connection,
>however all three versions will connect to the reflector I set up on a Sun
>Sparc 2 on the other side of the room connected to the same ethernet hub.
>No matter what server from the list in the White Pine (version 3.1 build
25 )
>implementation I pick, I get the message " No response from <server name>
>[ECU ID#:8293]". The free Cornell versions just say 'No response from
>Anyone see anything I listed here that might be causing these problems? I'm
>most happy to provide any other information needed, I'd just like to get
>this working. The tech support people at have been worthless
>in trying to figure this out. Cu-SeeMe is not a "Supported Application",
>they "see no reason it shouldn't be working" whatever that means..
> Regards,
> Monte Freeman
> Atlanta, Georgia